Thursday, August 6, 2009

Katchi's First Training Level Event!

When I signed up for Phillip's camp in January, I really hoped it would be a week of training that would push Katchi on his way to training level. But, Katchi had only been eventing for one fall season - with 3 Novices under his belt! Seemed like a lofty goal, but one that I really hoped might just work out - we'd spent enough time sorting things out before we even made it to our first HT that I felt like we had a pretty solid foundation even if we were lacking in competitive experience. With one day left of camp, I asked Phillip if Katchi was really ready to run Training level, because we were entered to do so in a week. Phillip waved me off and practically walked away as he was saying, "oh, yea, you're fine." Well, I guess that about sums it up - time to move up! So, we did!

Horray for Katchi! He completed his first Training level HT at the Maryland HT2 @ Loch Moy. He was so fantastic! Brave and bold and so easy! Unfortunatley, I led him astray on his line in the ditch combination, which cost us a run-out on the scoreboard. And I told myself not to do that when I walked the course! This is when Katchi says, "stupid human!"

So, now it's time to think - what's next?! I great fall season of competing Training level is a good place to start...


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