Monday, June 29, 2009

One Week Till Camp

Camp starts in one week!
We are stabling at the Delaware Equine Center, which is apparently right next door (5 minute hack) to Phillip's farm. My mom has already translated a 5 minute hack at horse speed into 15 minutes at her speed!
We are to arrive between 1:00-4:00 on Sunday, with a welcome reception at 5:00 when we will meet all our fellow "campers" and receive our personal schedule of ride times.
Tuesday's dinner will be at Phillip and Evie's home - and they've said to bring a swim suit! I'm already giggling about going swimming at Phillip Dutton's home! How many people do you think are in the club of "I went swimming at Phillip Dutton's"?! Olympic medals aside, I'm sure he's just a normal guy and they probably do have friends over for pool parties - when he's not off winning more Olympic medals. I suppose the club isn't so elite afterall, but it's still making me giggle.
Monday & Wednesday we have wine and cheese evenings with guest speakers - mystery guest speakers for now. I won't even start trying to guess!
I'll try to make my first camp post on Sunday July 5 after we get settled and get our ride schedule for the week - it should be a fabulous week!

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