Sunday, July 5, 2009

Greetings from Camp!

Hello Muddah.
Hello Fadduh.
Here I am at Camp Dutton...

Yep, we've arrived!

Camp is off to a great start! There are 11 campers, and we're all settled at the Deleware Equine Center, right next door to Phillip's. Much to my mom's relief, it really is only a 5 minute hack and it's slightly down hill on the going trip. And, WOW! What a beautiful place Phillip has! I got a sneak peak of the cross country jumps today when we went down the wrong road a few hundred feet. I've already found a little log on the peak of a mound that I'm dying to have a go at! I'll see if I can grab a picture of it tomorrow. At every turn, I am in awe of this beautiful property - I've had a quick look at the galloping track and indoor arena this evening, and I hope to have time tomorrow to do a bit of exploring.

Tonight, Phillip and Evie hosted a lovely welcome dinner where we received our schedule for the week and introduced ourselves. There were 3 or 4 riders who plan to move up to Training level right after camp, so it will be an excellent opportunity to learn from each other. During the introductions, I sort of forgot about this blog - which Evie was kind enough to remind me of and asked me to tell everyone about it! Hum... wonder if I can manage to give Evie and Phillip a good laugh with something I post this week!! :)

Okay, so now for the bit everyone wants to know about - the schedule!

We each have a slightly different order of events, but here is my schedule, which I am really thrilled with:

Monday AM - Private dressage lesson with Silva Martin
Monday PM - Galloping work with Jennie Brannigan & Ryan Wood
Tuesday AM - Private lesson with Phillip
Tuesday PM - Gymnastic jumping with Phillip (group of 3 for 1 hour)
Wednesday - Cross Country Exercises with Phillip (group of 3 for 2 hours)
Thursday - Cross Country with Phillip (group of 3 for 1 1/2 hours)
Friday AM - Dressage "competition"
Friday PM - Show Jumping & Cross Country "competition"

Wow - what a full week! As Phillip said tonight, this will be a hard weekk for the horses, so we should keep the warm-up before the lessons start to a minimum (he also noted that if we are not on time, we should be 5 minutes early - yes, sir, got it!). And on top of all this, we have guest speakers and other presentations daily, including free massages on Wednesday! As we left the dinner tonight, we each received a Cosequin bucket stuffed with all kinds of Cosequin goodies - Thank You!!

The picture below is of Katchi (with his loyal groom, my mom) tasting the local fair. Which, funny enough, he doesn't like!! For those of you who know Katchi - how funny is that?! When has he ever found a grass he didn't like?! He actually spits it out! Luckily, there is quite a bit of clover mixed in which is apparently acceptable, so I think he'll survive.

Until tomorrow...

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