Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Charlie Video (Emma & Ecogold too)

The folks at Ecogold got a great video of Charlie's water jump experience, and they have posted it on their blog. I'm not sure whether my favorite part is Phillip trying to push the mare backwards into the water - or Charlie leading her in! But, the most amazing part is the end - she boldly canters through like she'd been doing it all her life!

On the Ecogold blog, you'll also find some video of Emma's presentation on grooming and horse care, as well as the Ecogold presentation on their products.

Seeing how great these videos came out has inspired me... hopefully in the next week or so, I can figure out how to post some of the hours-and-hours of video my mom took of the week. It's the best thing in the world to have your own personal cameraman (or woman!) - it's like getting double your money, because now I can watch what I felt - and obsess over every detail! great, just what I need!

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