Saturday, July 11, 2009

The End of Camp

I cannot believe how fast 5 days can go by. That's it - camp's over. Back at the barn, stripping stalls and packing up, we were all a bit sad. Almost like it was the end of an era! Can 5 days be an era?! Phillip and Evie put together such a wonderful week - which was that much better because we got to enjoy it together. Julie, Alyssa, Charlie, Debbie, Amanda, Erin, Chacea, Jessica, Kali and Kara - I can't wait for our first reunion!! Many of us will be at the Maryland HT next weekend, so watch out folks - the Academy graduates will be there looking to prove something!!

As this blog was only intended to run for the week of the camp, this will be my last camp entry. I will make a follow-up entry after Katchi runs his first Training event next weekend - please keep your fingers crossed for us to have an awesome run!

At the moment, the COTH thread about this blog has received almost 1700 hits! I am so thrilled that so many people have taken an interest - knowing that people were watching it definitely kept me motivated to make more entries! Even if this blog cost me some sleep, it has been great fun and I hope everyone has enjoyed it!

I try to keep my website pretty updated with recent news and pictures, so you can always check in to see what I'm up to next at - or email me at Especially to my fellow campers who I did a poor job in all the pack-up chaos of collecting email addresses from - please keep in touch!! And keep thinking about reunion ideas - Rolex, WEG??

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