Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Katchi got Duttonized!!!

Just a quick note as I am enjoying a lunch break, sitting in the air conditioned indoor arena viewing area watching... Sylva Martin teach a "camper", while the likes of Boyd Martin, Ryan Woods, Nate Chambers and Jennie Brannigan ride around the most lovely horses! Remind me again why I have an office job?!?! Can't I just move my desk right here - forget the window view of DC - this is THE view of a lifetime!!
So - Katchi and I had our first session with Phillip this morning - actually, it was way more Katchi's session than mine. He's been Duttonized! As Phillip said, after he got off him the second time - he just needed to have a few buttons pushed. And didn't I just love my horse afterwards! We definitely have our theme for the week - more activity from behind. Phillip said he needed to be "quicker behind" - and Katchi had his first encounter with spurs! Actually, it was quite funny, because Phillip didn't have the spurs on him too much. He was very good at keeping them off and only putting them on at just the right moment - it was pretty impressive to see such control of the lower leg. I had watched Phillip's first lesson of the morning, so I already had an idea that we would struggle with the exercise. We jumped through a verticle to oxer line in 5 strides, then were to do it in 6. Phillip said he'd rather we trot in the middle than do it in 5 - okay, no problem, we can trot! And we did. Okay, so now halt between the two. Okay, no problem - we do that good. We were about 2 strides from the oxer in a halt, and Phillip says, go forward and jump the oxer. Okay, no problem - we can do that too. Now, come around and do it in 6 strides - uh oh. 5 stides. nope, do it again. 5 strides. nope, do it again. 5 strides. I felt good until 3 1/2 strides, then Katchi would say - I got this, 5 strides. damn. So, Phillip says, "let me do it." ha ha ha - Katchi! Guess what you just did to yourself silly horse! Katchi has this thing about locking onto the bit 2 strides out and dragging me to the jump - which is kinda okay most of the time, but then there's the odd time when he gets to the jump and realizes he doesn't have it all under control and ducks out - meanwhile, I've quit riding forward, because I was already being drug to the jump and I just knew he was going! Well, he tried doing that to Phillip a couple of times, and got some "buttons pushed". I was quite smug when Katchi wasn't just perfect the first 2 times through the line - and I had a good (silent) chuckle when Phillip put on the breaks after Katchi did a bit of dragging - despite what you might think, he stops real good, and Phillip ended up a bit further in front of the saddle than I think he would have liked! He ended up jumping him over everything in the arena, which was so exciting for me because no-one else has jumped him since I've had him (for 2 1/2 years). And, let me just tell you that I hopped back up and went through that line in 6 strides like it was the easiest thing in the world! wow. That was too cool. Okay 2 pictures below of Phillip riding Katchi (the first time). We do gymnastics work this afternoon - I wonder what Katchi's going to say when I lead him back down to that arena with the "mean little Australian man" for the second time today!
P.S. - last night, while we were all out enjoying our Devecoux saddle fitting lesson, the cheese was being eaten by the dogs! No kidding - ALL the cheese! Left the grapes and the wine. I guess even Phillip Dutton gets his cheese eaten sometimes! :)

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