Thursday, July 9, 2009

A few thank yous - more to come

I am having serious computer aggravations tonight and am once again well past curfew. But, before the camp is over, I just want to let everyone who is reading this blog know how wonderful everyone involved in this camp has been! This morning, I was a bit sad knowing that we only had 2 days left. Sort of silly considering how much we learned in the first two days that I would be sad to still have 2 more great days ahead - but we check out of the hotel tomorrow morning and will drive home tomorrow evening. Back to reality, I guess.

Anyhow, beyond Phillip and Evie (Sylva, Ryan and Jennie), every single person we have come across in the past 4 days has been outstanding. Amy and Abby have been our leaders and caretakers and our horses love them (as do we!). And today, I took Emma up on her offer from yesterday to help us with anything we could - Katchi got a bit of an overreach this morning which looked like nothing this morning, but was pretty oozy this afternoon. I immediately drug him down the hill and begged Emma (who was just leaving for I'm sure a wonderful evening out of the barn), to please help! She was wonderful and Katchi made took the walk of shame in his bandaged foot back to his own stall.

We still have one day left, but I just wanted to take a moment to say beyond the amazing learning opportunities - it has been an absolute joy to spend a week with such amazing people - instructors, working students, other campers, fabulous grooms and all our helpers! Thank you for everything you have done to make this a wonderful week away from the office!

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